Neon City Limits is a four-piece country cover band formed from seasoned musicians from several different bands and backgrounds. All members have had extensive gigging experience and we’ve joined forces to create a high-energy country music experience- covering highly recognizable and danceable modern country tunes. 

Lead singer Kimberly Kay has been singing since she was just a little one in her church school choir. That's where she found her love for music and singing specifically. She has gigged extensively as a country singer with former band West of Nashville, all over Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Clara counties. She brings a high-energy enthusiasm for country music, a dynamic vocal range and gritty country feel to the vibe. 

Lead guitarist Jerad Fox is a versatile guitarist from Santa Cruz, CA. He enjoys playing all styles of music and has a lot of experience playing locally with the classic rock/dance band Vintage Point. Jerad also teaches guitar and loves to share his experience and knowledge with others. His incredible leads make this not just a country band... but a country rock band!

Drummer Ron Thompson Growing up in the Bay Area Ron got his first drum set at 12 years old progressing from garage bands to clubs and other paid engagements with various bands in the Bay Area. The music ranged from Rock, Progressive Rock, New Wave, Blues, Funk, Soul and Americana and now he’s happy to be driving the beat into the Neon City Limits! 

Bassist Grant Foster is from Los Gatos, CA. He started out playing ukelele in elementary school and sang in school performances. Attending the numerous blues jams around the Bay Area and Santa Cruz has provided him with valuable experience playing with a variety of different musicians. He also engaged in drum lessons, but found that bass was his favorite instrument, and especially playing it live with a band, providing the groove, drive and energy that keeps people dancing!